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Birch Coffee 2020


New Platform

As Birch continued to increase their local footprint in New York, they sought to begin their national and global sales expansion moving to a new platform for speed and efficiency. Along with the re-platform came new rebranding and a new site.

My Role

As part of the same, small surgical team from the second Birch redesign, my role as lead user experience designer and platform engineer was to prop up the platform and stylize it well beyond the capabilities of the system’s OOTB templates, while continuing to provide a content management interface that allowed flexible design and delivery.

The Solution

The owners of Birch Coffee continue to regularly evolve their offering focusing on the very local aspect of their neighborhood coffee shops, but also expanding into higher traffic commercial areas with new storefront types. As their brand recognition increases, so has demands on the site performance and the ease of use. Nonetheless, Jeremy and Paul want the element of fun and distinction and quirkiness that comes with the stores to reflect on the site. The site has nuances that are unexpected and delightful to experience.

And the site is continuing to evolve. Providing an easily modifiable back-end allows the owners quick and easy ability to make changes on the fly as conditions come down the pike – adding new products and adding new features to reflect current conditions and needs.

For more information on Birch Coffee visit their web site.

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