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Wimbledon for NBC Sports




As Director of R&D for iStreamPlanet, my team was tasked with a 3-week turnaround to create a microsite to broadcast the 2009 Wimbledon live and on-demand. Coupled with a largely untested HD live streaming platform still in development (Aventus), multiple breakpoints (ad interstitials at unspecified points), and a small resource team, the team managed to design, develop, and deploy a production-ready Silverlight based application in time for the event.



  • First test of end-to-end turnkey digital asset management
  • Ad injection, pre-encode
  • Interactive microsite for end-consumers
  • Custom DAM with desktop & mobile interfaces


  • Viewership hit expected numbers but provided extensive analytics for both NBC and iStreamPlanet
  • Streamed 100 hours of match play, all with live-to-on-demand capabilities
  • As a result of the test, NBC began a long-term relationship with iStreamPlanet, which included similar broadcasts of Monday Night Football and the 2010 Winter Olympics

For more details about the 2009 Wimbledon on NBC, read the case study.

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