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Learning Platform Concept


This concept piece was built in response to a challenge issued by a multi-national CPG and medical applications company to create a new learning platform to provide training for 19,000+ sales associates globally. Within the context of the challenge were priority needs to be addressed:

  1. Drive innovation in education content development and delivery by reducing the number of technology solutions within the MD GES ecosystem.
  2. Obtain savings as a result of having a streamlined process & technology solution

Contextually, where sales associates were once required to memorize product information, the company now desired a procedural focus, with the intent of understanding the needs of the healthcare practitioners to empathize and open up the doors to new opportunities. This required a complete shift in the delivery and the vehicle.

The challenge provided only a short window for delivery (5 days).


My submission included a 45-screen prototyped solution that enabled users to combine the strengths of event and appointment planning with AI-driven topical suggestions. Features included a bot-based chat that assisted associates with identifying opportunities for both learning and sales, social media-style collaborations and community, machine-learning capable taxonomical video relationships to create coursework for associates, and a reward system to incentivize use.