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B2B Rating Platform


Following a successful engagement creating the user experience of their FXC intelligence product, the company focused on developing its own metrics and system for rating businesses in the global payment processing and currency exchange industry, the first of its kind in the niche. Competing against but also working alongside existing platforms such as Trustpilot, the design required re-thinking of search and result capabilities, leveraging the strength of the existing data assets within the FXC platform, while providing an evolvable and scalable means of expanding as new niches emerged.


Critical to the company was a well devised prototype that enabled the leadership to review wireframes and mocks in context and provide feedback on a continuous basis. Sketch Cloud provided a quick, cost effective means for this process.


The final user experience deliverables were provided to an outsourced development team for execution. Delivery for this project included a complete style guide created in Fabricator to speed development through efficient use of atomic design principles.